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Pure plus is a water purification technologies firm and knowledge based business that has been providing Chemical Free Water Purification System. Our basic business discipline continues to this day with a proven track record of solving water purification problems effectively, with robustness and durability, typically at a lower cost and smaller footprint.

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Water could be a necessity for sustenance of life. The physical body contains nearly 60-70% water. Drinking water contains several impurities- starting from chemical ions like Calcium, magnesium Iron and Fluorine to physical impurities like sand. Water conjointly acts as a reservoir for infections. From infectious disease to typhoid, there's a wide spectrum of diseases caused by contaminated water. If water is therefore essential, why don’t we have a tendency to place in an exceedingly tiny investment into our potable water? Water treatment is that would like of the hour and volumes is written regarding the advantages it's on our health. How sure will one be regarding the purity of drinking water? In a recent survey conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO), diseases due to contaminated water have reached a stunning 3.4 million deaths annually.

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