Water could be a necessity for sustenance of life. The physical body contains nearly 60-70% water.
Drinking water contains several impurities- starting from chemical ions like Calcium, magnesium Iron and Fluorine to physical impurities like sand. Water conjointly acts as a reservoir for infections. From infectious disease to typhoid, there's a wide spectrum of diseases caused by contaminated water.
If water is therefore essential, why don’t we have a tendency to place in an exceedingly tiny investment into our potable water? Water treatment is that would like of the hour and volumes is written regarding the advantages it's on our health. How sure will one be regarding the purity of drinking water?
In a recent survey conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO), diseases due to contaminated water have reached a stunning 3.4 million deaths annually.
Not solely will it cause mortalities however it will cause multiple morbidities like dental discolorations, skeletal pathology, high blood pressure, and increased risk of vessel events, typhoid and its complications, simply to call many.
Water treatment could be a procedure by that water impurities area unit removed and water is formed suitable human consumption.
We at PUREPLUS guarantee shopper satisfaction and guarantee the effectiveness of all our water treatment services, to supply you with greatest health care advantages and longevity of our equipments and services. we've got inculcated all the fashionable and economical modalities of water treatment therefore you'll be able to be rest assured, the beverage are of utmost purity and free from chemical or physical residues.
We offer the subsequent services for all kinds of water treatment materials and chemicals under one roof at PUREPLUS:

Design, Installation and Maintenance of Domestic and Industrial

  • RO plants
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Chemical Treatment

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